1912: Formation of “Aviators Company” [Larissa] 

1912 ~ 1922: Formation of “Army Air Service”  &  “Naval Air Service”
– Balkan War I & II, W.W.I, Asia Minor Campaign.

1923 ~  1930: 0n 1930 the two Air Services form the “Royal Hellenic Air Force” 

1931 ~ APR/1941: “Royal Hellenic Air Force” – Preparation for the war 
– W.W.II (Italian Invasion Oct-28-1940, German Invasion Apr-6-1941)

1941 ~ 1945: “Royal Hellenic Air Force”
– W.W.II (Reformation in Middle East, action in North Africa, Italy, Greece)

1946 ~ 1951: “Royal Hellenic Air Force”– Civil war 

1952 ~ 1967: “Royal Hellenic Air Force”
– 1st generation jets, Korean campaign, N.AT.O

1968 ~ 1987: “Hellenic Air Force”
– 2nd generation jets
–  Jul/1974: Turkish invasion to Cyprus   

1988 ~ to DATE: “Hellenic Air Force”
– 3nd generation jets


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