IN SERVICE: 1936-1941
ROLE: Transport
BEFORE NOV/02/1940
Civilian transport of the Hellenic Aerial transport Company
NOV/02/1940– ΑΠΡ/1941
CAMO: R.A.F. Dark Green, Light Earth, Sky Blue
CODES: none
NATIONAL MARKINGS: roundels on fuselage / underside of the wings [Middle Blue]
BATTLE ORDER: regular transport Mira (=Squadron) under the command of the General Staff
ACTION: Italian Invasion, German Invasion. 444 flights, 520 flying hours. They carried out transport – supplies dropping – communication set ups – wounded men evacuation missions.

gr JUNKERS G24-he [01] 3 2 1 4 5 6 7 HAF ROUND 1940B

Do not use for commercial purposes


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