IN SERVICE: 1936-1940


BEFORE 28/ΟΚΤ/1940

ROLE: Basic Training [Air Force Academy]

CAMO: Silver with a yellow stripe in the middle of upper wings

CODES: Black E.61 – E.120 (?)  on fuselage and bottom wings

NATIONAL MARKINGS: tail / bottom and upper wings [Light Blue]

UNIT: Air Force Academy (“Icarus”)  -Athens

§  After 1939 there were build 30 more aircrafts  at the National Aircraft Factory (KEA in Greek)

§  Some aircrafts were equipped with night illumination instruments


28/ΟΚΤ/1940 – ΑΠΡ/1941

CAMO: R.A.F. Dark Green, Light Earth,  Sky Blue

CODES: White E.61~150 (note: unknown number of operational aircrafts)

NATIONAL MARKINGS:  fuselage / underside of the wings [Middle Blue]

BATTLE ORDER: 3nd Army Cooperation Sq and Air Force Academy

ROLE: training, towing target, night flights, firing and liaison duties

ACTION:  Italian Invasion,  German Invasion (?)

4 aircrafts escaped to Egypt after German invasion.


many thanks to Christofilis Nikos for provide me the photo of the “E104”




5 Responses to “AVRO 621 TUTOR”

  1. Ηλίας Says:

    Πολύ όμορφη δουλειά Δημήτρη,σε ένα σπάνιο θέμα!
    Μπορείς να μου πείς ποιά χρώματα χρησιμοποίησες?
    Μοιάζουν πολύ αληθοφανή!
    Elias wrote that is a very good job and asked for the colours i used. [D.G]


    The colors I use for the period Oct/1940-Apr/1941 are Lifecolor Acrylics:
    a-DARK GREEN: 50% UA001 [FS34079] Dark Green + 50% UA091 [FS34079] Dark Green
    b- LIGHT EARTH: 50% UA092 Dark Earth +40% White + 10% UA021 Light Grey + 5 drops of Yellow
    c- LIGHT BLUE: 80% UA061 Light Blue + 20% UA021 Light Grey
    Colors on models mauy be different due to conditions that the photos was taken.All — mixtures refer to the bottle of 22ml

    d- for roundels: home made decals printed in a clear decal sheet for inkjet. The roundel is applied o a circle of white decal sheet. i apply the white circle on the surface of the model and after it fits perfectly i apply the printed roundel. The Mid Blue color of the roundel is tamiya X-4 + mid grey

  3. Φώτης Ζωγράφος Says:

    It seems that the center section of the upper wing was painted in black-yellow-black bands.(The yellow being much wider than the black ones). There is photographic evidence that the bands were retained even after the airplanes were painted in wartime camouflage.


    Thanx Fotis. Your comments are much helpfull.
    I did the blackyellowblack stripew on the Avro 626 (not ready yet) but wasn’t sure for the 621. Have you got any photo about a camouflaged 621 with stripes? Please e-mail me

  5. Φώτης Ζωγράφος Says:

    Six AVRO 621-626 airplanes had flown to Crete, after the collapse of the front. Only 3 of them managed to escape in Egypt, the rest being destroyed in air raids. At least one of them, mast have been an AVRO 626, because it is known that one of them carried three persons, the third being a greek woman aviator, wife of one of the pilots, and member of the Royal Air-Club of Greece.

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