AVIA B-534

AVIA B-534 before OCT/28/1940:  

AVIA B-534 after OCT/28/1940: 


5 Responses to “AVIA B-534”

  1. Φώτης Ζωγράφος Says:

    Γειά σου, Δημήτρη!
    Two AVIA 534 vz II were donated to the Royal Hellenic Air Force in 1936, by the Greek businessman G.Koutarellis. They recieved the serials Δ.Κ.1 and Δ.Κ.2 ( by the greek words “ΔΩΡΕΑ ΚΟΥΤΑΡΕΛΛΗ” meaning: Koutarellis Donation). Both were used for operational training before WWII, and in the 9th of December 1940, they were entered operational service with the 24th Pursuit Squadron (24 ΜΔ) of the RHAF (Ε.Β.Α).
    The Δ.Κ.1 suffered severe damages after
    forced landing in the 24th of January 1941, and was transfered to the State’s Aircraft Factory (Κ.Ε.Α.) for repair,but it was never mentioned again.
    The Δ.Κ.2 was destroyed in19th of April 1941, during a straffing raid of Messershmitts Bf-109E of the German Luftwaffe in Amficleia landing field, amongst other aircraft of the 24 ΜΔ.


    Thank you Fotis.
    1- Do you know if the codes are: “ΔΚ.Ι , ΔΚ.ΙΙ” or “ΔΚ.1 , ΔΚ.2” ?
    2- The pre-war color was rather a Chaki one (which one?) instead of the Dark Green. Correct?

  3. Φώτης Ζωγράφος Says:

    Γειά σου Δημήτρη!
    I do believe that the serials were ΔΚ1 and ΔΚ2, the same practice as with the two donated Gladiators (ΔΣ1, ΔΣ2). In the formal report about the operational action of 24ΜΔ, during the Greco-Italo-German war, they are refered to as ΔΚ1 and ΔΚ2, as written! There were never used “latin” numbers in the serials of the Ε.Β.Α. as far as I know!
    The pre-war colour of the upper surfaces was an “olive-green-ish” khaki. (Seems like a mixture of Humbrol 26 and 86 to me).The lower surfaces were painted in dope aluminium.
    Most probably, they were painted in the three-coloured wartime colour: Dark Green-Light Earth-Sky blue, before entering operational service with the 24ΜΔ in early Autumn of 1940, or just before December 9th of 1940.

  4. Scott Van Aken Says:

    :Nice representations of these two planes. I am currently reading a book titled ‘On Spartan Wings’ by John Carr and it was the first I knew of the B.534 being used by the Hellenic Air Force.


    Thanks Scott. I’ve already ordered this book and I hope it is of some interest.
    It seems that
    1- Elliniki Vassiliki Aeroporia (EVA) [in English Royal Hellenic Air Force (RHAF)] never used “Latin” numbers. Nikos Christofilis author of the “ΟΠΛΑ ΚΑΙ ΚΑΤΑΡΡΙΨΕΙΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΑΣ 1940-1941” assured me that the codes were indeed, ΔΚ.1, ΔΚ2.
    2- After Oct-1940 the two AVIAS 534s were painted in the usual 3-color scheme of EVA. Hope someday I’ll change the 2nd profile. i just wait for Santa Claus to send a photo with a camouflaged Hellenic Avia 534 -if there is any!

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