IN SERVICE: 1925 ~ Apr-1941

ROLE: Army Cooperation
UNIT: 1st & 2nd Army Cooperation Sq. [30 aircrafts]
CODES: at first they carried the names of Greek cities or islands and were painted
in Dark Green
After JAN/1941 they were painted in Dark Green, Light Earth, Sky Blue
On June/8/1928 the Breguet 19  «ΕΛΛΑΣ» [«hellas» = Greece] flew around the
Mediterranean Sea covering 12.000 Km in 20 days
 [1st Lieutenant Evangelos Papadakis,  Colonel Christos Adamides]



7 Responses to “BREGUET 19A2/B2”

  1. l-13 Says:

    here you can find the model kit from the bre 19 ellas!


    Ok my friend -thank you.

  3. Φωτης Ζωγραφος Says:

    I have seen foto of BREGUET 19 with the name of the donor “KOTSIKAS”=”ΚΟΤΣΙΚΑΣ” on the right side of the fuselage,and s/n Σ411 in the book “Η Γενια των Ικάρων”, written by Helias Kartalamakis,page261. Other s/n seen in “Ελληνικη Αεροπορία 1908-1944″page 78.Others mentioned by name in “Η Αεροπορία στον Πολεμο του 40” by the same author. There was also one plane donated by Greek-Cypriots with the name “ΚΕΡΥΝΕΙΑ”=Cerynea (probably Br 19).Known and confirmed s/n:Σ353,355,356,357,385,388,389,402,403ΛΕΣΒΟΣ,406,407,414,417,418,422,425,426


    Thanx my friend -very helpfull.

  5. Φωτης Ζωγραφος Says:

    Searching for model of Breguet 19 in1/72

  6. Φωτης Ζωγραφος Says:

    New serials for the Br19 from an old official document(24Nov1931)found in the book “ΑΕΡΟΣΚΑΦΗ ΤΗΣ Π.Α.1929-2001”: Σ351,Σ354,Σ358,Σ359,Σ381,Σ382,Σ383,Σ384,Σ386

  7. Φωτης Ζωγραφος Says:

    The airplanes that remained in service in the begining of WWII, were the one that were equipped with the Hispano-Suiza motor.

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