IN SERVICE: 1912. The 1st civilian aircraft in Greece. 
(1st flying: FEB-2-1912. Pilot: Argyropoulos) 
Mobilized during BALKAN WAR I 
ROLE: SCOUT                    NATIONAL MARKINGS:  Unknown
BATTLE ORDER: LARISSA Air Base [1 aircraft]. The aircraft was destroyed by accident
during the first months of the Balkan War


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2 Responses to “NIEUPORT IV.G”

  1. Φώτης Ζωγράφος Says:

    The battle order was “ΛΟΧΟΣ ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΩΝ”=”LOCHOS AEROPORON”=COMPANY OF AVIATORS in english. The word “company” used with its military meaning…This airplane was the unique greek monoplane in the first phase of the war.The others were biplanes. It is only known that “ALKYON” had flown several reconaisance missions, and that she was destroyed in accident within 1912. The pilot survived and continued to fly with a cptured Bleriot XI.

  2. The Four Quadrants Says:

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    …An older post that I hadn’t seen before but which…

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